Bombay Bicycle Club, North London’s most prolific and underrated band, have unveiled details of their fourth album in five years (due out on February 3rd 2014 through Island Records) as well as the record’s first single ‘Carry Me’.

The first single from the new album, ‘Carry Me’ is a monumental fists in the air dance anthem that is probably the band’s most daring, explosive and exciting departure yet from their previous work. The band collaborated with award-winning creative company Powster to deliver a world first interactive music video premiere on

Here is the audi vide but click the link above for the full interactive version!!

The innovative video reflects the album artwork, paying homage to the great Eadweard Muybridge, known for his pioneering work with stop-motion photography; this echoes the theme of ‘continuity’ which the album is subtly based around – essentially it is a series of beautiful melodies built around clever loops, all in one giant loop. Viewers are able to control the band’s actions throughout, essentially making them the director while the band perform in time to the music.

This brand new album looks to break exciting new ground yet again for a band that are effortlessly diversifying and innovating at an astonishing rate.

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