London based French duo Bosco Rogers have shared the first track from their debut EP.

The two-piece, comprised of Barthélémy Corbelet and Delphinius Vargas, have previewed The Middle, which will feature on their Googoo EP.

The EP will be released on December 1 through Bleepmachine.

Inspired by The Monks, The B-52’s and Guided by Voices, the pair met in a London pub and kept in touch through the internet, collaborating with each other’s work, until eventually deciding to form the group.

The Middle transports the listener away from the cold dark November nights to a French beach, as described by Delphinius:

“The song was born on Trouville beach at the end of summer two years ago,” he said.

“Barth sat on the beach with his dog Stupid, watching a picturesque sunset, inspiring memories of summer’s lost love.

He felt a deep melancholic euphoria and started whistling a melody, unconsciously, as if it was a song he already knew. Then realised it was a song that didn’t exist…yet.”

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