Silent Radio readers, have a watch of Lover Lovers new video for ‘Young Free’ which is inspired by Eleanor Bodenhams love of French cinema.

It was in Montmartre that Eleanor Bodenham began Lover Lover – a band whose gossamer Eurythmics pop harks back to better days, in much the same way as the faded glamour of Paris’s former arts district. Eleanor was working in a bakery there before moving first to London and then to the Montana desert in America. This sense of wanderlust and adventure can be heard and felt throughout the debut LP.

A menagerie of warm synth texture and glimmering vocal harmonies, it takes the blockbuster hooks and cheery bonhomie of a John Hughes film soundtrack and cloaks them in warm Beach House tidal sounds full of nostalgic ennui.

Inspired by Eleanor’s “rootlessness”, There Is A Place is a stirring listen perched between heartache, from the stormy husk of ‘Hush’ to the crystalline pop bombast of ‘All Through The Night’ right through to the arresting ‘Love on a Wire.’ Everyone has felt it at intervals in their lives: that gnawing suspicion that things aren’t what they used to be. With There Is A Place to console yourself with, it won’t seem so bad.

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