So then, what to say about Memphis born singer songwriter Jay Lindsay, otherwise known as Jay Reatard? Well the first thing is, his set tonight started way too early! Being onstage at 7.45pm until 8.30, when advertised for an 8 o’clock start is not preferred for starters!

There are only around 25 people in attendance tonight, which is a shame, as Mr. Reatard deserves a much bigger audience. You dearest gig punter would love him for his 2 and a half minute variety fuzzed-out, poppy songs. He only pauses between tracks to call out the name of the next offering.

It is one of the most full on shows I’ve seen in a long time (even if I did only catch the last twenty minutes) and for this reason he deserves more recognition than he currently receives. Sure, he is not breaking any new musical boundaries, but he does what he does and he does it bloody well, that I would say that even if fast and short punk songs aint your thing, you would leave this gig tonight smiling. I did, and was home for 9pm to boot.