Originally released in the late 1980s, ‘The Early EPs’ include ‘Freaky Dancin’ and ‘The Egg’- both released from the Factory/London Records vault. In 2019, the songs may no longer be relevant in popular culture but the tracks are re-introduced to a new generation of people. Also with their ‘Greatest Hits’ tour happening as we speak, the re release offers an opportunity for extra promotion. The early EPs include some of the bands greatest and most well known songs (as well as some of their rarest and most secret) and are an essential for any Happy Monday’s record collector or Haçienda fan.

The ‘Forty Five EP’ is the first EP featured. The coloured vinyl adds to the band’s colourful aesthetic and is also just a really cool thing to own. It also makes the records seem more expensive, as coloured vinyl is a relatively new thing in 2019. A whole single is included on each vinyl, which makes the band seem quite legendary. The singles present rare audio tracks, which show the band experimenting with their sound in their early days. The remasters keep their vintage 80s sound, whilst updating the songs in the modern format for the modern day.

The Happy Mondays Early EPs are a nice addition to anyone’s vinyl collection and are definitely worth a listen. With them available to download digitally, it makes the singles themselves harder to  ignore.

Happy Mondays – The Early EPs: Out Now (London Records)


Sophie Nebesniak

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