Jesca Hoop’s startling originality has established her as one of Avantpop’s most arresting recent arrivals and brought admiration from and collaborations with the likes of Tom Waits, Guy Garvey and Peter Gabriel. Now, she is set to elevate her position to High Priestess of Punk by laying herself bare with her new release Undress

Set for release in 2014, it is the Manchester-based Californian’s second release via Pledge Music, the direct to fan fundraising organisation, having released The Complete Kismet Acoustic earlier this year. That was a live acoustic rendering of her first album, Kismet, and now for Undress the songs from her second record Hunting My Dress are performed live with trusted allies in a stripped down fashion. It’s a chance to experience these stories in the most up close and personal way imaginable, perhaps second only to Hoop singing them for you at your bedside!

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