Sofie Winterson

Sofie Winterson

Dutch musician and singer song-writer Sofie Winterson has released her sophomore album ‘Sophia Electric’ via Excelsior Recordings.

Sofie has also now shared a video for the track “Half Asleep” taken from the album.  She says that the song “is about holding back out of fear. When you listen to the lyrics, you’ll know what I mean by this.  The video is directed and shot by photographer Laura Kampman. We were roommates in LA and she shot this video in and around our house. We became good friends and it was special to shoot this video together, since it’s a personal song and it felt natural to let her literally come as close as she does in the video”.

Sofie grew up in a house full of music on a small peninsula in the Netherlands called ‘Marken’, just outside of Amsterdam. From a very young age, her father had all four children singing together and, later on, he even formed a band with them and toured in the Netherlands and Indonesia, where he was stationed as a doctor on the Maluku Islands. Her parents always thought that music was an important part of life, but didn’t expect all four children would have ended up being musicians. Sofie’s sister and brother are in a band called ‘My Baby’ and her older sister is in a band called ‘Blue Crime’. Her whole youth was filled with music and she drew a lot of inspiration from 70’s folk artists as well as soul legends. For her own music, and the latest project in particular, she returned to the folk.

Her new album ‘Sophia Electric’ is a personal document about love, letting go, change and memory. The music was written and recorded in different locations, namely Los Angeles, Lisbon, Haarlem and Amsterdam, but her guitar was always within reach.

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