The lead track from the mini-album, ‘Relics’ has been given the Egyptian Hip Hop treatment which, as RCRDLBL explain, involved the track being “melted into a bloopy goop punctuated by springs, wobbles and cumulous FX”.

As well as being released on all the normal formats, the Scots are reviving the VHS. Each track on the ‘New Relics’ mini-album is accompanied by a video, created by a different visual artist, ranging from recent film graduates to more established artists. The artists were given just an audio track, with no information, not even the song title, and asked to respond to them.

All 8 tracks of the mini album and VHS can now be seen in one playlist.

Watch the ‘New Relics’ mini-album/VHS in its entirety below.

‘New Relics’ takes the multi-coloured pop sounds of their previous material and removes them from the gridlines of motorik and kosmische touchstones of their past, creating a resultantly looser, less rhythm-driven sound.

“When we started talking about making this record we wanted to have a slightly different approach compared with previous albums” explains the band’s Stephen Livingstone. “We were keen to try out some tunes with less structure to them.”