Manchester’s Makemake shares the video for debut single ‘I’m The Form In The Way’ released through Low Four Records. Makemake is the new solo project from avant-pop producer Brendan Williams (GoGo Penguin, Dutch Uncles, Kiran Leonard).

Introducing Williams as an artist in his own right, the single and accompanying video – directed by Jimmy Welch – deals with notions of duality via glimpses of stasi-esque bureaucracy, set against a backdrop of modernist architecture interspersed with dream-like visions of emancipation.

Speaking about the forthcoming album Williams explains: “I’ve been making this record between the cracks whilst producing other bands over the last few years. The people I was recording began to influence my own music as we shared ideas, so I guess it was natural that some of them would become collaborators. The individual tracks started out purely as an escape, I wasn’t making them for anyone apart from me. There’s been no constraints really, I’ve not had to think about budgets or deadlines.

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