Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit


Following an undoubtedly successful summer, Clean Bandit’s marathon of dates subliminally catalyse their position at the front of public consciousness. Notably reflected in the quartet’s newfound take on electronic music, and symbolised by the dramatic soar in venue capacity, Clean Bandit scream modernity breaking the archaic stereotype of not only the two distinct genres, but of their prestigious Cambridge background. A supposed hybrid between dance music and strings, edgy and oozing sleekness, Clean Bandit are certainly a group we need to have on radar.

The fact that this compilation of genres has stormed the charts is certainly an achievement in itself. Arguably their performance is carried by ‘Rather Be’, an emblem for long distance love, as it feels like most people are present on the strength of the one song. Having spent four weeks at number 1 in January and February, and being fastest selling and most downloaded song of the year, it is easy to see why.

Current single ‘Extraordinary’, is extraordinary not only in title, but in reflection of 16 old Sharna Bass’s hypnotic vocals. Although coincidently playing just metres away in Academy 2, many optimists however are left dissatisfied as the rumoured surprise appearance by Sharna was never upheld.

The quartet’s own unique sub genre is ultimately show cased in ‘Dust Clears’, with ‘Mozart’s House’ and ‘A + E’ swimming with classical influences such as title based ‘Mozart’ and ‘Shostakovich’. The cross mix between the final phase of summer in ‘Come Over’ and switch to ‘Cologne’, both undeniably beat ridden songs, leaves the audience locked in dance. Reinforced by the fierce light show, as Shaun T’s insanity work out spells plainly the business this band means.

Although, at times it feels like the rest of Clean Bandit’s debut album New Eyes is just seen as set fillers. ‘Telephone Banking’ appears as almost monotonous as its name, whilst ‘Up Again’ fails to reach any high of any description. Whilst dance track anthem classic ‘Show Me Love’ is rapturously applauded by the audience, the catchy rhythms leave no-one lost for words, it could also be seen as a strain on their behalf in that they needed to use other artist’s material. Although it may have been symbolic of influence and inspiration, it feels that songs like this ultimately carried their performance, rather than merely adding to it. Instead, ironically named ‘Stronger’ reinforces the fight and armour the band desperately need, and perhaps desire to back up their two hit singles.

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