A white backdrop adorns the wall and before it stands three figures resplendent in white shirts. Being projected onto the backdrop are shapes in monochrome hues, and then the band name ‘NZCA/Lines’ flashes sporadically.  Yet there is no need for an introduction. Through the entirety of support act, Jonquil’s performance two of the people now occupying the stage made their presence known with their overzealous dance moves.

Their set is one naturally packed out with tracks from their self-titled debut which was released earlier this year and although NZCA/Lines may be the moniker of Michael Lovett, the drummer and the bassist that also share this stage must be commended too. Starting strongly with ‘Okinawa Channels’ and then segueing into ‘Work’ which is almost Metronomy-esque, the falsetto vocal that Michael Lovett possesses is blissful in its delivery. ‘I’m Not Strong Enough’ is similarly captivating and only a few songs in it’s clear that the likelihood of them having a weak song in their repertoire is slim. What NZCA/Lines excel in is synth-pop and no matter how much you try to resist it, you cannot fight the urge to dance or experience a feeling of happiness. Even the more subdued songs such as ‘Nazca’, weighed down in melancholy and with the simplest of drum beats pattering in the background is just as atmospheric.

There’s always that one song that you’ve been eagerly awaiting all night, the one that you are certain will rouse the greatest reaction from the majority in the crowd. For NZCA/Lines this would be ‘Compass Points’. As the crowd finally begin to succumb to the electro beats and show signs of more movement, the song experiences an abrupt turn when a power cut sees the sound and visuals stutter to an end. While most of the crowd let out an ‘aww’, for a member of Jonquil they wittily say, “This wouldn’t have happened to Joy Division. This wouldn’t have happened to Jonquil.”

Along with a lone member of Jonquil on trumpet duties for their final song they succeed in creating a stunning live show. After claiming that this was one of the first times that they’d really ventured out of London,  let’s all hope they make the journey up North more often.