Amanda Tenfjord

Amanda Tenfjord (photo Thomas Rosser)

Upcoming Norwegian sensation, 21 year old Amanda Tenfjord has unveiled her latest single ‘Let Me Think’ via Propeller Recordings (Highasakite, Dagny, Sløtface, Moddi) and produced by Courage in London.

A thoughtful and playful song with Amanda’s now signature sass at it’s core, Amanda explains; “Let Me Think is a really personal song for me. It’s a song about taking the time to stop and take a minute and think about if you’re really happy with how things are. I think a lot of people are in relationships / jobs / life situations that they’re not overly happy with, but just go along because the thought of ending or changing things seems too drastic.”

The track came about in record time for the 21-year-old, Amanda comments; “It felt like all the lyrics and melody had been in my head for a long time, and when Joe (Courage) pushed the right buttons and chords everything came out in just an hour or so. That rarely happens with me!”

Originally hailing from a small village in western Norway called Tennfjord (and yes Tenfjord is also her real surname), Amanda is now based in Trondheim – which is becoming something of a mecca for forward-thinking pop artists.

Amanda Tenfjord’s first UK show has also been announced, as she will take part in the Ja Ja Ja Showcase in November.

Amanda Tenfjord 2018 UK Tour Dates:


Thu 29 – The Lexington – London


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