A few months ago The Vaccines asked their fans to help them make their next music video. All they had to do to participate was to tag their festival images on the photo sharing app Instagram with #vaccinesvideo and the best ones would be used to make the video.

There was an overwhelming response. Nearly 3,000 images were submitted from over 30 countries, from Britain to Brazil to Japan to Australia. The best have been weaved together by director Poppy De Villeneuve to tell the story of a festival day, with The Vaccines at its heart.

The band’s lead singer Justin Young said: “We always talk about breaking down the barriers between the band and the fans. We like sharing music with them, meeting them, interacting with them, as most bands do. So this felt like the ultimate interaction. Instagram was suggested to give photos taken on people’s phone a nice warm feel. It’s great to be able to make the fans part of our art.”

Director Poppy De Villeneuve, of Partizan, said: “Making the audience part of the narrative turned out to be surprisingly easy. What was particularly great to see was the whole range of ages we got from contributors.”