Cults share a new single, ‘Right Words’, from their recently released album, Offering, via Sinderlyn.  Of the track they note, “We are excited to share ‘Right Words,’ the third single off of Offering. This song was like the nebula of the album. We worked on it forever because it kept breeding new parts that would go on to be their own tracks.  Musically it’s inspired by 80’s power pop bands like Cleaners From Venus, and R. Stevie Moore, and lyrically it’s a conversation about not letting abstract ideas of success pollute your brain. Play it loud!

Offering tracklisting:
1. Offering
2. I Took Your Picture
3. With My Eyes Closed
4. Recovery
5. Right Words
6. Good Religion
7. Natural State
8. Nothing Is Written
9. Talk In Circles
10. Clear From Far Away
11. Gilded Lily

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