Clara-Nova (photo Amber L. Canterbury)

French-American alternative pop musician and visual artist Clara-Nova, aka Sydney Wayser, has released her brand new single “Lives”, from the soon to be released Golden Age EP.  Wayser stuns us with her vocals, rock-n-roll production, and a funky groove.

“Lives” is grunge, beauty, and funk wrapped into one track. From soft falsetto to haunting synths, from funky-electric guitar to epic drums, “Lives” tells the story of lives intertwined. “Our lives come together, our lives come together again ” she sings, waxing nostalgic about the cyclical nature of life and all its beautiful quirks.

This past spring saw the release of The Iron Age EP, which Wayser explains was “my own personal lesson in strength and perseverance while this next chapter, The Golden Age, is about hopefulness.”

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