The forty fourth release on Hyperdub sees South Africa & South London come together as LV hooks up with South African Kwaito artist Smiso Zwane (aka Okmalumkoolkat). Fusing their own unique styles, the pair’s meeting makes for a highly infectious set of sounds.

‘Boomslang’ kicks out a UK funky beat fired up by Kool Kat’s slurred South African vocals. Since first passing this track, it’s been spinning round my head constantly; this is by far one of the hottest releases from Hyperdub yet. Feet moving soca drums kick the way forward whilst Kool Kat carries the momentum into the sub twitching bass hits. Scaling riffs flow through the main body of the beat adding more spin and precision onto Kool Kats style, a style which has to be said is second to none. Clever looping of his vocals on LV’s part throughout the track makes for an infectiously catchy beat.

It also as one of the best music video’s I’ve seen this year, perfectly insane and suited for the track. Guaranteed to make you smile:

‘Zharp’ is stripped back dubstep on a minimal angle, pushing deep into the outer reaches. Kool Kat’s vocals are spliced and diced, pitched and plugged creating a tripped out, outer galaxy sound. This makes for a complete contrast to the flip, and is perfect proof in proving just how compatible these two really are.

Created after the two performed together in Cape Town, it’s clear to hear how distinct and unique a sound each portrays but how well they come together on this track. I can only hope more is in the pipeline from these two.
One hundred percent, this release is a must for all. Dance floors and headphones alike, it makes you move and is catchy as hell.

Release Date 11/10/2010 (Hyperdub)



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