Critically acclaimed superstar Holly Humberstone is back with her delightful debut album entitled Paint My Bedroom Black. Feeding us with 13 tracks worth of memories, heartbreak and the inner workings of her life you can’t help but find yourself hooked from the very beginning. If I was to have an album soundtrack a film about my life, I would want it to be this one! It beautifully captures the ups and downs of love, friendship and family. Blessing us across the years with tracks like ‘falling asleep at the wheel’ ‘Scarlett’ and ‘Sleep Tight’ there’s no denying the 23-year-old’s talent.

Across the album we see an indie/alternative vibe start to develop with a hint of bedroom pop. Exploring new avenues of sound and effects, Humberstone is not failing to impress. Giving angelic vocals and a variety of melodies I find myself in awe of the talent and confidence on display in this album. I don’t often find that many artists can tell stories quite the way Humberstone has done. Just by listening I feel like I was present in these scenarios and almost as if it’s just being told to me. I feel like I’ve been let in on a secret and that in itself is a beautiful skill to have.

Let’s get diving on into some of the music then, shall we? The third track entitled ‘Cocoon’ caught my attention from the moment it began. It’s energetic, smooth and an all-round rather feel-good song. It had me in high spirits and immediately ready to go for the day.

‘Ghost me’ hit rather hard as I feel it’s a track many of the younger generation can relate to. Exploring the theme of being so genuinely happy and carefree around someone when the fear of them disappearing comes creeping in. In a chronically online world, the fear of being ghosted and losing the acknowledgement of someone you care so deeply for hurts beyond belief. Using the track to reminisce on memories over a hopeful tune contradicts in the best possible way, longing for the old times whilst continuing and accepting the way things are now is something I’m sure many are finding themselves working on. Interestingly it contains a part of the song in which Humberstone is just talking, almost as if it were a conversation between the artist and listener. It truly is straight out of a film scene.

Moving on into track six ‘Superbloodmoon’ containing elements of a duet. The two vocals enter in at the chorus, blending so seamlessly together over the top of a rigid beat which provides all the right elements to make a perfect track. It has a supernatural sounding element as we reach into minute two, reinforcing the theory of supernatural powers and how despite not being together at that moment we’re all under the same moon.

Performing previously released track ‘Antichrist’ at Sam Fender’s St. James Park gigs made the excitement for many fans become unbearable. Gaining appreciation from across the world and recognition from fellow artists alike, Holly is without a doubt going beyond anyone’s expectations. Pulling out surprises and new aesthetics we’re all constantly kept on our toes. If you ever get the chance to attend one of Humberstone’s gigs, I highly recommend you do, she perfectly captures the vibe from her recorded music and channels it into such a heartfelt live show.

On we go to a mention of track 10 entitled ‘Flatlining.’ It starts off in a similar vibe to the other tracks then around a minute in takes a new approach. Giving us a faster paced style of lyrics and beat I feel as though she’s almost bursting with what she needs to say before the friendship quite literally flatlines. Including a genuine heart monitor beep alongside the quite dance style of music makes you get the real sense of urgency and vision of what the story’s trying to say. It brings an uplift in vibe for the album and I’m almost certain that this will go insane when it’s performed live.

And finally, the penultimate track ‘Room service.’ Ending the album on a calmer, stripped back acoustic note with an ode to missing being at home and around those you love. It’s quite literally about the fear of missing out. I find it a rather soothing way to end the album and feel it closes the journey of the last thirteen tracks pretty well. It’s safe to say the vocals take the lead on this one and it does not go unnoticed. Giving us an ethereal quality of music and lyrics throughout not just this track but the whole album, I cannot fault it. I highly recommend giving it a listen as I’m sure it’s going to be loved by many.

Holly Humberstone: Paint My Bedroom Black – Out 13th October 2023 (Polydor)

Humberstone – Paint My Bedroom Black (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube