Alice Boman has premiered the video for her latest single ‘Dreams’. It was created by Paris-based director Jeanne Lula Chauveau and Aëla Labbe amidst the bucolic wilds of Vårhallarna, in Boman’s native Sweden – a place with which she has a strong emotional bond.

Vårhallarna is such a special place to me,” Boman reveals. “I have spent so much time there, because my grandmother has a house there, and when I go there I always feel calm and inspired. It is unclear how long my grandmother will keep the house for, so I wanted Vårhallarna’s magic and beauty to be the core of this video – as a homage to the place and to all the memories.

Jeanne Lula Chauveau and Aëla Labbe’s thoughts on ‘Dreams’: “We wanted to create a particular atmosphere inspired by Alice’s song without saying too much and keep the doors open to the viewer. Alice’s song is about dreams, disillusionment, loss, absence. We wanted to play with realism and surrealism and create this mysterious in-between world without using any special effects. From that constraint, the first pictures were born. Before coming to Vårhallarna we already knew that we wanted to explore the relationship between human and nature. But on the spot, we immediately knew that it would be the heart of the video, because Alice already had a strong intimate relation with the place and we really wanted to keep that feeling.

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