Playing to a sold out venue, Twisted Wheel are bound to go down a stormer when being so close to their avid followers, but more importantly their hometown; Oldham. After recently changing the shape of the band, Jonny Brown’s new look trio do not fall below expectations. Suited a like fellow slick musician Miles Kane, Jonny breaks all predictable stereotypes, and makes much of a meaningful statement in comparison to the rather predictable, disconcertingly omnipotent Britpop stalwarts.

Touring their new album ‘Do It Again’, Twisted Wheel fuel the crowd with their rapturously received sharp, aggressive tone. Clear favourite ‘Ride’, receives recognition from the onlookers, whilst ‘Double Yellow Lines’ remains a sincere devotation and much thanked appreciation to the recent death of the two Manchester Police women; Nicola Burns and Fiona Bone. Obvious preferences such as ‘You Stole the Sun’, reinforces their powerful anarchic nature, whilst rarely heard ‘Bouncing Bombs’ leaves the crowd singing in unison, showing the scale of the trio’s followers as almost the entire crowd spit out the shouting lyrics. The vigour rarely flails, with ‘Lucy the Castle’ sustaining momentum throughout and deservedly keeping its place as one of their best live songs. ‘Strife’ and ‘One Night on the Street’ fulfils the audience’s expectation of frantic thrashing and raw vocal shouts, before leaving with a bang.

One again Twisted Wheel live up to their name, as their tight musicianship and relentless energy is something to be desired by all.




06/10/12, Sunderland – Bar One

07/10/12,Newcastle– Academy Two

09/10/12,Dundee– Non Zero’s

10/10/12,Elgin– Flanagan’s

11/10/12,Edinburgh–Electric Circus

12/10/12, Glasgow – King Tut’s

13/10/12, York – Duchess

15/10/12,Lincoln– Engine Shed

16/10/12,Liverpool– Eric’s

19/10/12, Cardiff – The Globe