Acid Baby Jesus

It’s easy to guess Acid Baby Jesus’ shtick just going on their name but to those who aren’t already in the know: don’t be fooled into thinking these are just another quasi-religious, LSD-loving psych-rock band – these Greek garage-rockers are big news on the international psych/rock’n’roll scene. Acid Baby Jesus are more concerned with pure, unadulterated garage-rock hedonism.

Formed in Athens in 2009 the four-piece have two LPs behind them – their debut LP, and demo collection Selected Recordings – and after a long, three-year wait they’re back with the new album Lilac Days – their first on Fuzz Club Records, officially released yesterday. The album sees ABJ’s scrappy, frenetic garage-rock, distilling a hazy, incense-scented mix of 60s Western psychedelic pop, traditional Eastern folk, and scuzzy rock’n’roll sounds. Check it out.

Lilac Days tracklisting:
1) Lilac Days
2) Faces of Janus
3) No Such Thing As Twice
4) Down The Ley Lines
5) Me & Panormita
6) Birth
7) Guide Us In
8) Vile Man
9) Love Has Left My House Today

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