She Drew The Gun

She Drew The Gun

Following the release of She Drew The Gun’s debut LP Memories Of The Future, the band hit the road for their first UK headline tour. Spearheaded by politicised and provocative new single ‘Pit Pony’ – watch the video below.

The idea for the song first came about when I read about pit ponies that used to work in mines for their whole lives, in the dark, just working away without seeing the daylight. I just thought it was a good metaphor for how the workers of the world, especially in the third world, but really anybody who feels trapped in the mundane mines of modern industry are living. Stuck in a dollar-a-day cycle or a paying off debts cycle. We have the resources to feed cloth educate every human being in this world, but 10 billion eyes and yet we can’t see the whole picture and we’re just blindly destroying this beautiful gift of a world instead.” — LOUISA ROACH

Protest and reflection, are just a few of threads in the rich tapestry and myriad of intertwining themes found within She Drew The Gun’s music that isn’t afraid to explore or veer outside the norm. The album was recorded at Parr Street studios, Liverpool during 2015 under the watchful eye of James Skelly of The Coral on production duties.

The backstory

She Drew The Gun, fronted by songwriter Louisa Roach offer dreamy lyrical psych-pop from the banks of the Mersey. They have just released their debut LP, Memories of the Future. The record is the result of Louisa Roach meeting with James Skelly in 2015. Introduced by a friend who heard her doing a live session for the local BBC introducing show, he liked what he heard and initial work on an EP became an album. Going into the studio with the bare bones of the songs- poetic autobiographical lyrics set to haunting riffs and melodies, they built up the tracks, developing an electronic element into Roach’s sound.

Originally a vehicle for Roach as a solo performer the project has shape-shifted and evolved into a full band since its inception in 2013. Sian Monaghan who played drums on the LP, was first to join, and the band have played in a number of formations. They supported Fink on a month long UK and European tour in autumn 2015 as a three piece with Jack Turner on Guitar, latest addition Jenni Kickhefer completes the line-up for their upcoming album tour in April.

In 2016, She Drew The Gun were crowned winners of Glastonbury’s ‘Emerging Talent Competition’ 2016, a prize supported by PRS for Music and the PRS for Music Foundation. The judges – who included Michael and Emily Eavis – awarded She Drew The Gun 1st place. Prizes include a slot on the fabled John Peel Stage – plus a generous £5,000 Talent Development Award.


8th October, Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester
18th October, Prince Albert, Brighton
19th October, Moth Club, London
21st October, Chameleons Art Cafe, Nottingham
22nd October, Simple Things Festival, Bristol
23rd October, Swn Festival, Cardiff
25th October, The Musician, Leicester
26th October, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
27th October, the Hug and Pint, Glasgow
30th October, Leaf, Liverpool

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