Last week, MS MR started to unveil their 4-track debut EP ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’ exclusively via Tumblr This week, they share a Twin Shadow remix of the single “Hurricane”.

In classic MS MR fashion, they’ve done things a little differently – for the first time ever, an EP is completely revealed through Tumblr. Here’s how it works: every Monday for the next four weeks, a new track will be revealed along with artwork, a video, and an official remix. The band will also be posting the stems for each song, and invite people to get involved by making their own remixes and submitting them back to MS MR. The band will pick their favorites and include them in the official album campaign next year. ‘The Candy Bar Creep Show’ EP will be for sale on September 18th.

MS MR says: “It’s no secret we have something of a sweet spot for Tumblr. We like to think of it as a cultural collage and feel like it’s the perfect platform for what we want to present with this EP. It has been such an incredible source of inspiration and support, and so in return we wanted to first share the music with the very community that helped create its visual identity. Ever since we started this project, we’ve been interested in exploring how music transcends and enhances art in all mediums; by releasing ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’ on Tumblr, we’re free to present each song in a larger mixed media context, giving each song the opportunity to have its own identity and room to breathe and grow.”