Four magical songs form the Scottish singer Blair Davie’s wholehearted EP ‘It’ll Be Lovely.’ Beginning with little ethereal noises ‘Found My Person’ starts mystical and light. Gentle drums and Davie’s relaxing vocals fabricate a song that expresses themes of being accepted for who you are but mainly the extreme feeling of falling so in love with someone that you want to “Jump right in”. The tracks sincere vocals make it obvious Davie wrote this song with someone in mind. Someone they truly adore.

A tender rhythm and peaceful vocals flow perfectly with the lyrics on the second track ‘To Miss You’. Davie sings about their experience in a long-distance relationship. Despite the struggles that come with this it’s beautiful that Davie still thinks so highly of the person they are singing about. The track is inspired by passion and admiration for another person.

‘Lovely’, the third track, is much quicker and punchier almost hitting you like a slap in the face. The sudden change in pace alongside lyrics about changing to express who you truly are is exhilarating. Davie is delighted to now be able to be satisfied with themselves. Each verse continues with the rapid singing followed by the beautifully heartfelt chorus. ‘Lovely’ is easily the standout track magnificently pushing self-love with a euphoric rhythm.

Starting with electric guitar, the final track ‘Edge Of A Feeling’ immediately has you toe tapping, itching to start dancing. Sounding slightly less poppy than the rest of the EP to begin, the song then divulges to Davies usual style of music with an upbeat rhythm and steady drums. The track fills your entire body with a relaxed yet liberating feeling.

‘It’ll Be Lovely’ embodies the feeling of being carefree and finally being able to let go and be genuinely content with who you are.

Blair Davie: It’ll Be Lovely – Out 13th September 2023 (State 51/Watercolour Heart)

Davie – Lovely [Official Music Video] – YouTube