Odonis OdonisPost Plague, delivers a powerful blend of industrial, electronic and science fiction. OO’s post-apocalyptic anthems construct stark soundscapes and saturate them with layer upon layer of industrial grime and was released on felte earlier this summer to high acclaim from a variety of sites and publications including Pitchfork, NPR, THUMP, The Quietus & Drowned in Sound.

Today the trio release the first episode of multimedia short films based on Post Plague. They’ll continue to blend VR and traditional video to tell a larger fictional story. The viewer, begins in ‘Needs by taking the trans-human leap transferring their existence into a barely functional AI robot and from there are pulled into an epic post apocalyptic journey into the not so distant future.

Director Scott Cudmore explains ‘Needs is about Old, entitled, white men and the system of oppression and exploitation that they’ve created to serve their…well…needs, which are usually money and power. I’m looking at this through the lens of science fiction, but I wanted to depict that power structure breaking down finally. Breaking down internally. There’s no linear narrative and you are free to think of that aspect in any way, but each image is a depiction of this breakdown as well as of repression, exploitation and desperation.”

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