False Advertising

False Advertising

At False Advertising’s core runs an integral songwriting relationship between vocalists Jen Hingley and Chris Warr that sparks the band’s creativity and surges their will power. Friends for years, the pair bonded through playing separately, then together on Manchester’s open mic circuit. Jen found her songwriting confidence in mid 2013, which marked the start of what would eventually become False Advertising. Fuzzy demos recorded in her studio flat sent back and forth to Chris began to establish a creative partnership fuelling a prolific output from both.

Bass player Josh Sellers was brought in to the set up early on in the recording process to flesh out the sound, bringing with him a new found fluidity to the tracks, and a certain verve to the production process. While Warr has brought his years of engineering and production experience to the table with False Advertising, the trio deliberated at length over every decision made on the record, from guitar tone to the subtle details of the mixing – keeping the feel of the fuzzy, rough demos that had spawned the songs in the first place.

The core of our songs all got written quite quickly’, Jen says; ‘Its only when we began rehearsing and decided that we were both going to learn drums when things became more of a challenge.

After four months of rehearsals they upped sticks to Jen’s parents’s garage in Oxfordshire to begin recording the album – starting with the drums. Chris Warr says:

Thinking we were ready, we spent an entire bank holiday weekend recording 19 songs worth of drum tracks between us. After a few weeks back in rehearsals it dawned on us that we could have done a lot better – so we kept starting the recording process again and again until we were good enough to get the parts that we had written right.

Silent Radio’s Andy Hughes caught False Advertising’s set at this years Dot to Dot festival, describing them as a band who could quite easily become massive in no time at all. Read the full review here. Also keep an eye out for Bad Grammar frontman Ben Forrester’s cameo in the Dozer video below.


19TH SEP – Academy 3, Manchester – Album Launch

27TH OCTOBER – The Castle, Manchester

21ST NOV – Deaf Institute, Manchester

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