The Autumn release schedule limbering up nicely with this week’s selection summarised here.

Lathe of Heaven               Bound by Naked Skies

American band taking their name from an Ursula Le Guin novel and their literary influences are balanced with their debt to new wave and post-punk.

Puma Blue          Holy Waters

A chronicle of the graciousness within each repeated cycle of life, death and rebirth. Musically inspired by luminaries from Jeff Buckley to Björk, Portishead’s marriage of a live band and production, and the improvisational work of CAN and Hendrix.

P.G.Six                  Murmurs and Whispers

Drag City artist with their first album since 2011 is mainly the work of Pat Gubler who played guitar, bass, keyboards, recorder and hurdy gurdy, in addition to harp and vocals. Clark Griffin and Wednesday Knudson, whom Pat plays with in Weeping Bong Band, played and sang a bit themselves,

Bowes Road Band            Back in the HCA

A foray into a delicately balanced world of psycho-trip meltdowns, rich jazz improvisations, & tuneful folk stylings. You can hear echoes of Mark Fry’s “Dreaming With Alice,” Donovan’s honeyed folk, and the Kinks’ blues rock.

The Pretenders                 Relentless

The band’s 14th album which includes a collaboration with Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood who provides the string arrangement and conducted the 12 Ensemble for the album’s closing track.

Dope Lemon      Kimosabe

Australian indie artist with ethereal soundscapes featuring a track co-written by Will Ferrell and Judd Apatow.

Phillip Seth Campbell    City Lights

His new album tells the tales of the highs, lows, and everything in between. From major labels and critical acclaim to bands, solo records and eclectic collaborations, Campbell’s musical scars have only served to hone his craft and embolden his work.

Christina Martin               Storm   

Canadian singer-songwriter whose album reflects the storms she has faced in her life set to lavish orchestral strings and big hooks.

Young Knives     Voices of Animals and Men + Superabundance 

Deluxe reissue of their first two albums together with a bonus album made up of their B sides.

Ian Shaw              Greek Street Friday

The album’s main focus is a collection of partially autobiographical vignettes, Ian has also chosen to include a new take on a favourite song from one of his musical idols, ‘Blinded By The Hunt’ by Rickie Lee Jones.

Tom Waits           Sworfishtrombones

Tom Waits           Rain Dogs

Tom Waits           Franks Wild Years

Part of a series of remastered reissues from his pivotal Island Records period 1983 – 1993.

Sprain                   The Lamb As Effigy or Three Hundred And Fifty XOXOXOS For A Spark Union With My Darling Divine

Two-hour long epic of earth-sundering guitars, angelic keys, swirling strings, and bursts of improvised electronic noise.

Taking Meds      Dial M for Meds              

A meeting of college rock catchiness with the energy and bite of their post-hardcore roots.

Augustus Muller              Cellulosed Bodies

Gus of Boy Harsher with accompaniments to two films by experimental filmmaker Vex Ashley.

Birthh                   Moonlanded    

Tuscan born and raised alt-pop artist who transcends genres and geographic borders on an album that features a slew of orchestral instruments and was deeply influenced by Italian music.

Berkley                 Pueblo

Straightforward laidback pop grooves driven by shaky electric guitar tones and chiming keyboards while the songs explore memories of youth in his hometown.

Jeff Rosenstock                 Hellmode

A mixture of despair and clear-eyed hope in an album of pop and more intimate sounds.

Jimmy Somerville            Read My Lips

A deluxe reissue of ex-Bronski Beat and Communards frontman’s debut album, an impassioned protest record that featured the Top 5 hit, a cover of Sylvester’s ‘You Miake Me Feel Mighty Real’.

The Paper Kites                At The Roadhouse          

Australian folk-rock five-piece with well-crafted, laidback set of songs.

Gena Rose Bruce              Lighting Up EP

Artist who has previously worked with Bill Callahan teams up with Budapest Art Orchestra for three of the five tracks on an EP that blends the introspective with the dramatic

Pale Blue Eyes                   This House

Delirious chatter… clinks of warm cans of beer… Cocteau Twins played at full blast. Lively memories of parties and people live on through This House.