Freak Heat Waves

Canadian duo Freak Heat Waves have unveiled their new single ‘Busted’ taken from their forthcoming album ‘Zap The Planet’ which is due to be released September 4th via Telephone Explosion.

The duo, who are now based at opposite ends of Canada in Montréal and Vancouver, initially hail from the Midwestern Canadian prairies.

Speaking about the track, the band says:

“This track is about giving in to things that are out of your control. Embracing the moment you’re in. Musically we wanted to create an atmosphere that would be heady and driving, something akin to being in a wormhole traveling between earths.”

Speaking about the accompanying video, director Jason Lei said:

“The ‘Busted’ music video is a video collage using personal footage, various found VHS tapes and live footage I filmed of Freak Heat Waves playing in Nanaimo’s now-defunct “White room”. The video was made pre-pandemic and before I was aware of the album title, the content of the video synchronized/mutated with the album concept unintentionally.”

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