Exit Kid have premiered their new video for current single ‘Caesar’. A tongue-in-cheek performance video riffing on 90’s Australian children entertainers ‘The Wiggles’, it’s a mixed media affair directed and animated by American artist Joe Baughman (Sufjan Stevens / Wilco / Deerhoof /The Roots).

With it’s chugging grungey guitars and soaring pop chorus, ‘Caesar’ is taken from Exit Kid’s self-titled debut EP released recently on Kobalt. The EP is set to be released on vinyl very soon. This new video is the second time Exit Kid and Joe Baughman have teamed up, working first on the deliciously dark claymation promo for ‘It’s Cool’.

Here’s what Joe Baughman had to say about the making of the clip: “Knowing the song’s subject matter, and then drawing from the feelings I had post-election/inauguration, it seemed appropriate to have a child represent the banality and immaturity of the powers that be. It was interesting for me to use the toys from my childhood, and I had a lot of fun making visual puns and references with the toys that nobody will get (though hopefully meaning can still be found in it anyway). Working with Emre and Dylan is always awesome. It was a blast creating the Wiggles-inspired portion of the video with them because they were open to whatever, had great creative input, and made the work enjoyable. They are beautiful men. =====D“.

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