The feeling is right. It’s raucous, punching, bleary eyed, spinning, upbeat, honky-tonk ruff rock’n’roll blues. But the song’s simple structure is nothing original, and the use of the radio effect on the singer’s voice is a style that gets old – it does not standout as anything to be noticed.

The music video shot for this song is based around the dark and delectable fairy tale The Red Shoes: a vain tale of a girl’s desire for the crimson red shoes leading her unbeknowingly into a perpetual dance which only concludes with her broken and tormented at the gateway of hell (although the video is just a girl dancing like a loon). Rate the band not by this single – I think they are probably better appreciated live in 3D. I imagine they would electrify my legs and help inspire a drinking session to the aforementioned gateway.

Release Date 23/08/2010 (Punk Rock Blues Records)