In light of The Sanctuaries’ upcoming self-release ‘Not Guilty’ EP, the quartet share two instructional cooking videos which end with endearing mom-activities as a reward. The Rickenbacker-loving band teamed up with The Deli to premiere the recipe for chicken schnitzel alongside their track “Not Guilty” calling it “the perfect blend of indie songwriting charm and culinary know-how.”

Beautifully recorded by Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, JEFF The Brotherhood) in his Nashville studio, The Sanctuaries’ new EP, Not Guilty, is a mix of timelessness and remixed versions that are stylishly performed and produced by dear friends such as Dinowalrus, Ava Luna’s Felicia Douglass, BILO, Erik Grundel and Bedouin Tea City Center.


Balancing the jangly guitars of the 60s with the arty cool of 90s indie rock, New York City quartet The Sanctuaries are a welcome addition to a scene that has so often lost sight of songwriting. With each member of the band providing a distinct and essential role in the group’s formula, their songs range from the bouncy pop, remixed with a danceable beat of “House of Noise” and drifter ballads like “Hey Brooke” to the Kraut-influenced drone of “Heaven is A Mountain,” creating a sound that is equally classic and contemporary.


The Sanctuaries – Not Guilty EP – track listing:

01. Not Guilty

02. Heaven Is A Mountain (Erik Gundel Remix)

03. Fooled By Youth (Dinowalrus 2012 Remix)

04. Judgin’ You Is Easy

05. Brief Encounter (Felicia Douglass Remix)

06. Hey Brooke

07. House of Noise (BILO Remix)

08. Generations (Bedouin Tea City Center Remix)

The self-released ‘Not Guilty’ EP comes out August 28

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