Chad VanGaalen has shared ‘Mind Hijacker’s Curse’, from his forthcoming sixth album, Light Information, which comes out on Friday 8th September 2017 via Sub Pop (Flemish Eye in Canada).

VanGaalen says of the song: “Mind Hijacker’s Curse is the outcome and side-effect of vacationing inside of, another organism’s consciousness. Once we can do this, I see the potential to forget your physical self, and just live inside of some other beings mind. Hook me up to the fungal web, that allows entire forests to communicate. I imagine the dolphin package would be very popular…

Light Information tracklisting:
1. Mind Hijacker’s Curse
2. Locked in the Phase
3. Prep Piano and 770
4. Host Body
5. Mystery Elementals
6. Old Heads
7. Golden Oceans
8. Faces Lit
9. Pine and Clover
10. You Fool
11. Broken Bell
12. Static Shape

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