Slender Pins

London based 4-piece Slender Pins will release new single ‘Apprentice to Life’ on 14th August. A video for the song is available now. The band describe their sound as “combining the grit of garage rock with the bounce of dance and rock n’ roll”.

Guitarist Alex speaking about the new song he wrote with the vocalist Ash:

“Ash was flicking through a book by some Soviet propagandist and one of the chapters was titled “Apprentice to Life”. With those words in mind I improvised the main riff of the song. Taken from its original context the phrase evoked the mindset of a disenfranchised millennial with a prematurely jaded outlook, who finds it hard to see why the world as it stands should be engaged with anything other than flippancy. It ended up sounding like something you might play at a barbecue which has descended into depravity and chaos with startling rapidity.”

Drummer Ed adds:

“We managed to bag some free studio time with a friend who studies at Goldsmiths. We recorded the track in a couple of hours. There are a couple of overdubs but the main body of the song was recorded in just one take.

The idea of the video was to take advantage of everyone stuck at home with not very much to do during lockdown. I asked some of the few faithful friends/fans of the band if they’d like to dance along to the track – luckily, someone of them did. The video is painstakingly DIY. I had to convert Powerpoint Slides to make animations: that’s the level we’re working at here”

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