All the way from Memphis, Tennessee, punk band NOTS unveil new track, “Inherently Low”, taken from their upcoming album ‘Cosmetic’.

Set for release on 9th September, this album is sure to feature repetitive, fuzzy tunes with a healthy amount of distortion and discord. I mean there’s an awful lot of everything these days and this style is definitely not in short supply, however, it sounds good so no complaints from SR.

Written about loss and depression, “Inherently Low” is a manifestation of inspiration taken from all the filthy shenanigans going on in the current US presidential election. Lyricist Natalie Hoffman explains: “The chorus describes a feeling of being trapped in your current state of mind, so much so that it begins to feed upon itself and falsely make you believe that you always were and always will be that way”. You can really feel this in the song. Going at a break neck pace the drums offer a frantic feeling to the shimmery, surf like guitars. All the instruments seem to melt into each other, creating this squishy yet deadly lump of power to swallow the listener with.

If you’re a fan of quick, politically charged yet still personal punk, you can pre-order the album HERE. I know Silent Radio will.

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