The problem With It Feels So Good When I Stop is that it was recorded as an accompaniment to his novel of the same name, and though I know it would infinitely augment the quality of this review I can’t be bothered to read it.

However, if I was to take a wild stab at the nature of this book, I would guess that it’s about some lost slacker looking back on his life and loves with the music setting the time and the place – it does have that magical tardis-like quality.

It’s a familiar, almost banal idea, but Joe Pernice’s album of slow acoustic covers, and his warm enticing voice coax you in with all the drawing power of an open fire, a vinyl record player and some port.

And there are few things nicer than someone guiding you through the music they love and talking about it in relation to their lives. Pernice manages to do this with particular affection and simplicity.

He gives you the sense that, though the fictional character’s life has been full of heartbreak, as in Found A Little Baby (Plush), Chim Chim Cheroo demonstrates the fact that he is a resolutely positive, humorous man. It’s that or he loves shit films.

Ultimately I like this album a lot, not because it’s ground breaking or particularly amazing (it’s neither of those), but because it’s heartfelt, personal and charming – a pleasant winter warmer.

Yes, I realise it was released at the height of summer.

Release Date 21/08/2009

Chris Gilliver

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