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With a video reminiscent in style to Aereogramme’s “Barriers”, Belfast duo exmagician release the video for “Bend with the Wind”, taken from their latest album ‘Scan the Blue’ (2016).

The song is quite cheery on the surface which is a massive contrast to the video containing grotesque animations of humans, living in a world of red and stone; looks pretty frightening if you ask me. Band member Daniel Todd explains this juxtaposition in the song: “I wanted this song to sound a little bit broken, confused, and nervous but at the same time triumphant.” The composition certainly matches this statement, the guitars seem summery but the vocals are a bit unsure; there’s certainly an underlying sadness here.

Like I’ve already said, the video has reminded me greatly of the underrated Aerogramme, hailing from Scotland. And now that I’ve listened to this track more, and watched the interesting video too of course, the song itself reminds me of “Barriers”. Not in a bad way, it’s nowhere near a rip off. It carries a similar sentiment that’s all.

Usually, I don’t like my indie this soft or life giving in an obvious fashion, however, I’m really impressed with the track and video. exmagician certainly have a talent for writing uplifting little tunes with a pinch of experimentation, which are usually layered tremendously. Their Northern Irish twang definitely comes through too, which is always nice. It has an identity and refuses to get in line with the sheep, instead carving its own little style within quite a broad field already. There’s something really cool about this band and listening to other material, there’s plenty of good music to chew on.

Live Date: 10 Sep – CRAIGAVON – Moira Calling

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