Aladean Kheroufi

Aladean Kheroufi has unveiled his new single ‘Good’. The new single is the latest to be taken from his forthcoming EP, ‘Beauty Beyond Grief’ which is due out August 7th.

Speaking about the track, Aladean says:

“I love songs without a chorus. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing like a good chorus but there’s something about a song that drags on that gives it a narrative. It feels more like real life, there’s no big climax we just go about our lives doing the same thing. I wrote the lyrics of this song after some heartache that made it hard for me to focus for a while but this was the first one to pull me out of that state of mind. I recorded it in my studio during the most self-isolating times of quarantine and it’s heavily inspired by my friend’s band Ghost Woman. I always find it hard to know if in a song under 4 minutes I get my point across, but I feel like I got a lot off my chest here.”

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