The Garden

The Garden

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The Garden are probably one of the strangest acts I’ve ever heard. I know a lot of people say that about anything abit kooky or alternative, but this shit’s in another universe.

“Call This # Now” is basically the soundtrack to a 70’s game show, sandwiched between short bursts of DIY punk/hardcore. It’s bordering on Cardiac levels of injury and it’s fucking mesmerising.

Made up of twin brothers Wyatt & Fletcher Shears, the lads claim to have created their own genre. Called Vada Vada, it’s a form of music made by not conforming to any specific genre or style, but simply doing what you feel like at that particular moment of creative time. This would explain the wacky structures that launch you all over the place and in that regard, they remind me of These New Puritans. Percussive, electronic and at times so leftfield you stop and ask yourself, “is this what being a hipster is? Is this what they feel?”

Hailing from California, I don’t think the duo’s previous releases have reached this level of unexpectedness. When it comes to The Garden, which is ironically quite a simple name, the music is so winding and looping you couldn’t possibly know where it’s going. And with that in mind, this new track was still a surprise. TG have gone more cartoonish than I thought possible, and their next record will probably follow suit.

This is the sort of stuff I personally love. I can however, understand some people’s frustration with this sort of music. Music considered “funny” is often disregarded by musical snobs, suggesting there’s no artistic value in laughing rather than commenting on the world, politics etc. But for me, it’s comedic in a clever way, not patronising and cringe worthy like Bill Bailey. It acts as fuel for smiles, laughter but also serious analysis as musical art.

Their last album ‘haha’ (2015) was a barnstorming musical of experimentation and colour. This new release is just as vivid if not brighter, and proves The Garden can reinvent themselves at any moment; a very exciting prospect.

Live dates:

Fri Aug 19th – AARHUS, TAPE
Sat Aug 20th – HAMBURG, Dockville 2016
Mon Aug 22nd – AMSTERDAM (Netherlands,) The Sugar Factory
Wed Aug 24th – EDINBURGH, Electric Circus
Thur Aug 25th – GALWAY, Roisin Dubh
Fri Aug 26th – DUBLIN, Whelan’s Upstairs
Sat Aug 27th – MANCHESTER, Fallow Cafe
Sun Aug 28th – BIRMINGHAM, Hare and Hounds w/ The Parrots [co-headline]
Mon Aug 29th – LEEDS, Headrow House
Wed Aug 31st – OXFORD, The Bullingdon
Thur Sep 1st – LONDON, Moth Club
Fri Sep 2 – BRIGHTON, Sticky Mikes
Sat Sep 3rd – SALISBURY, End of The Road 2016
Sun Sep 4th – GENT, Big Next Weekend
Mon Sep 5th – PARIS, Espace B
Tues Sep 6th – RENNES, Bar’Hic

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*(This post was chosen from the swathes of press releases by Silent Radio Guest Editor Connor Ryan: “Musically I love all things distorted and brain melting, I always hope my reviews manifest themselves in this way. However, I’m afraid at times they can come out like wet farts. So, after being given the opportunity to edit for Silent Radio, I want to carve out the most violent and frightening news items Manchester has ever seen.”)

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