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Scouse trio Elevant raise the stakes with the hard-edged “Hide It Away”, possessing cool, casually delivered vocals and a groovy bass line that’s sure to have you foaming.

The Liverpool band, made up of Michael Edward (guitar, vocals), Hannah Lodge (bass/organ) and Tom Shands (drums/piano), return with a stand-alone single, after the release of their third album ‘There Is A Tide’.

It’s a cool little track, not over complicated and straight to the point, very much like the group’s previous material. That’s not to say they’re not good musicians, their influences are pretty damn talented and so are these guys. With guitar sounds you could liken to Jack White, the band get heavy and a little long in the tooth sometimes; like dark, hard psych. If you’re a fan of anything hard rocky with a bit of an attitude and contempt, Elevant will certainly be up your street.

The vocals from Edward do remind me a lot of the sort of thing Kurt Cobain would do, and I know that a bit of a staple band to compare someone to but still, its true. Raw, harsh, just filled with passion that fits the music perfectly. They seem to dismantle themselves whilst playing, leading to a ruckus of discord and abrasions. They’re like a charming car crash on the M62, one where no one dies but you know it fucking happened via cuts and lacerations.

Live dates:

31/7 – Liverpool – The Magnet w/SPQR, Lilium, L U M E N
6/8 – Telford – The Haygate
12/8 – Manchester – The Castle Hotel w/Duke Mercury, Omit Sleep, SPQR
20/8 – London – Sebright Arms w/Dumbjaw, SPQR, Mad King Ludwig
29/8 – Glasgow – 13th Note w/Mantis Taboggan

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*(This post was chosen from the swathes of press releases by Silent Radio Guest Editor Connor Ryan: “Musically I love all things distorted and brain melting, I always hope my reviews manifest themselves in this way. However, I’m afraid at times they can come out like wet farts. So, after being given the opportunity to edit for Silent Radio, I want to carve out the most violent and frightening news items Manchester has ever seen.”)