False Advertising

‘Scars’ is the new track from DIY rock/punk band False Advertising, you’ll be sure to like it if you’re into anything with fuzzy guitar.

After a busy few months for the group, including a slot at Liverpool’s Sound City (even if this year it was abit shit) and supporting Husker Du oldboy Bob Mould, the band are certainly making ripples in their respective scene.

Blending punk with some heavier, dirtier elements lifted from grunge (the staple variety) and angsty lyricism, I can certainly see the appeal in a band like this. The trio released an EP entitled ‘Brainless’ earlier this year and this B-Side expectedly falls into that same vein. The video features content from studio sessions, playing shows and waving at sheep; very DIY indeed.

It’s produced slickly enough for enjoyment without wincing and the gritting of teeth, get on it if you like bands with that feral quality.

Live Dates:

5th August – The Castle, Manchester (secret showcase)
6th August – Humber Street Sesh Festival, Hull
12th August – Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe
10th September – The Unicorn, London
15th September – The Adelphi, Hull
16th September – Leeds (TBA)
8th October – Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester
22nd October – Huddersfield (TBA)
28th October – Cardiff (TBA)
18th November – Soup Kitchen, Manchester (with Horsebeach)

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I like nothing more than smoking bifters and criticising people much more talented than myself, it’s what I’m good at (I think), well sometimes I can be. I believe that getting wankered at a gig is crucial to the live review, you speak the truth, what you actually fucking thought. Rather than pussyfooting about, I like to be honest. It doesn’t bother me if people disagree with my opinions, that’s life innit. Listening to good music is vital to a healthy lifestyle, as well as the fruit and all that bollocks.