Animal Collective will release their new studio album ‘Isn’t It Now?’ on September 29th via Domino. Their structure has long been that of a playground, an open space for exercising and indulging new notions and influences, for saying “Why not?” from way up on the high beams. Maybe that means allowing Panda Bear to focus on his drumming more or encouraging Deakin to dig more deeply into his piano playing. Or perhaps it is giving Avey Tare and Geologist’s burgeoning interest in Renaissance music—plainchant, the hurdy-gurdy, gilded polyphony—space to bloom. Those impulses are at the very core of ‘Isn’t It Now’.

The band have shared the album opener ‘Soul Capturer’ which is described as an anthem for our existential online malaise, it calls to mind whatever it is that seduces you—drugs, sex, an old friend you know better than to trust, and absolutely and unequivocally the Internet and how it can make you feel so low about even your absolute highs.

Animal Collective – Soul Capturer – Single Version (Official Audio) – YouTube