Crumbs have revealed a second track from their forthcoming debut album Mind Yr Manners via Everything Sucks Music: ‘Weasels Can Wait’.

The band say of the song: “It’s a party song about being the one crying at the party. It was filmed in our hometown of Leeds by Robin Deione. The video skips between Super-8 home video-style footage, of us walking Zelda the chihuahua through Batcliffe Woods of a summer evening, and performing the song in front of vivid fruit salad-coloured visuals. It also features an inexplicably long worm.”

Mind Yr Manners is set for release on Friday 28th July 2017 and it’s a record that deals a lot with the art of coping with not coping. Crumbs’ unique sound comprises a bumper post-punk/pop party bag mix of sprightly basslines, super-danceable cowbell-tinged rhythms, fizzing guitars and effervescent interchanging vocal lines.

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