In a world in a current flux of damage and unaware of how to mend itself, perhaps it’s forgotten what pain ‘actually’ feels like? We have the comforting wet cloth and band aid that is a new release. Though the majority of us are stuck in a confusing landscape that seems to have less clue than a blank deck in a Cluedo game, A.A Williams continues her notoriety at being bloody good at the music, with her debut release ‘Forever Blue’. In one word, it’s fantastic. But in 369 words, I’ll explain in a finer detail, by the point of this sentence you should be at least on her Bandcamp or local/online record shop buying it.

A.A Williams does indeed know at least a diary worth of pain, set throughout the lyrics that grace this release, offering a very thorough look at loss, with a hint that hope, and gain can always be obtained. Williams’ voice carries the even darkest aspects with such a soothing riff, that you almost forget that the notion this is an album of despair, isn’t accurate in the slightest. The two fascinating factors come to mind is how uplifting it all comes about. It’s like the album is giving the impression of the dark depths of a fractured soul, but only leaves me feeling a sense of optimism. Not an album for the dark corner or a candle lit abandoned home. More crossing the dusky lands that even house the dark corner, but overlaps with the expanse of pushing forward, that pain is temporary and that we are bound for more and move forward, but always remembering the lows as reaching for the highs.

Hard to pick few stand out tracks (in the best possible way), but I’ll earmark ‘Melt’ and ‘Wait’ as my choices, though it could change per listen. Fact two (didn’t forget), A.A Williams has only been a performer and artist under this title since 2019. As a classically trained pianist, what a meld of her skills and add a rock-esque element to make ‘Forever Blue’. An album title that does not match how it makes me feel. But then ‘This is Pretty Fuckin’Good’ would be shockingly out of character.

A A Williams – Forever Blue: Out Now (Bella Union)