They’ve toured with the likes of Parquet Courts and Oh Sees, and released one of the catchiest singles of the year so far with ‘Texas Drums Pt. I & II’, it’s easy to see why indie fans are getting giddy over this lot. The Montreal five piece have a knack for writing hugely melodic yet rhythmically powerful tunes which sound like Talking Heads, Devo, Bodega and even Nile Rogers and Chic all on the same album.

‘Bobby’s Motel’ isn’t strictly a place, and Bobby isn’t even a real person, according to Pottery, it’s more of a state of mind. You get the feeling that Pottery are the kind of down-to-earth band that don’t take themselves too seriously, yet their tunes are proudly standing up as some of the best you’ll hear all year. If you take a bit of The Strokes’ coolness and mix it with a dose of Franz Ferdinand’s choppy rhythms and anthemic melodies then add a touch of The Flaming Lips magical psychedelia, you have something close to Pottery.

Tracks like ‘Hot Heater’ and ‘Under The Wires’ bristle with a rhythmic energy channelled through the time tunnels from Talking Heads and Gang Of Four, all sharp guitar riffs and forceful danceable drum beats. Then there’s the Funkadelic meets Chic psych disco of ‘Bobby’s Forecast’. Even a song that’s seemingly about having a shitty day, ‘Down In The Dumps’ can’t help but feel like its frenetic guitars and disco grooves will lift it out of the doldrums. There’s more floaty laidback grooves on the title track and the hypnotic ‘Reflection’ and ‘NY Inn’ sounds a bit like the Arctic Monkeys long lost Canadian cousins.

Pottery have managed that remarkable feat of creating a debut album that has signposts to their musical influences yet still stands up on its own as an astounding debut by one of the most exciting new bands around.

Pottery: Bobby’s Motel – Out Now (Partisan Records)

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