John Grant is an already well-established artist, who takes a seemingly cosmic direction with his new music. With a couple of albums under his belt, ‘Love is Magic’ and ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’ to name two. 

The beginning of this album seems to be its awakening. Different instruments begin to chime in and it seems as though they are coming from all directions. Appearing on Elbow’s track ‘Kindling’(from their 2017 album ‘Little Fictions’) he seems to sound very much like an acoustic musician. On this album however, he seems to have changed direction.

Each song on this album seems to follow the same steady beat, from track to track, plodding along. But each song seems very personal. From ‘You know my mama sewed clothes for Bertha Wrunklewich’ to ‘Billy, you are always on my mind’ – this album seems to be monologue of different aspects of Grant’s life. Although, it seems as though there is a very futuristic edge to this album. Perhaps Grant is somehow trying to fuse the old with the new? 

Having all had a hard year with coronavirus, it is an interesting time to release an album. Even just from looking at the title, ‘Boy from Michigan’ suggests that he is looking into his past – hailing from Michigan himself.

John Grant is playing at the Albert Hall in Manchester on Saturday 18th June 2022.



Sophie Nebesniak

Hello! I am Sophie! Previously Head of Music at Fuse FM, I review gigs and occasionally talk rubbish on the radio. Guy Garvey and Alex Turner are my idols. I have no idea what I am doing most of the time but I once met three members of The 1975 outside Manchester Academy at one in the morning so that’s okay I guess.