sir Was and Casper Clausen, singer of experimental Danish post-rockers Efterklang, have released their collaboration ‘Flyder’ – which is Danish for ‘Floating’.

sir Was is known to his friends as Joel Wästberg, he and Casper first met whilst in Berlin when they were both invited to be part of PEOPLE, a 7-day creative experience.

Casper recalls:

“It was a kinda love at first sight, Joel and I clicked and during that week of creation, we developed a friendship which led to many more hangs and recordings over the past couple of years. Joel joined the Efterklang recordings of our most recent album ‘Altid Sammen’ last year and we also wrote the Efterklang song ‘Lyset’ together in Joel’s studio in Gothenburg. I love writing music with Joel, his ability to frame a moment and his ear for melody, texture and groove is a rare treat to be around. We supplement each other well and we have a lot of fun making music together.”

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