Cymbals have unveiled the video for new single ‘Decay’, shot during the winter months in a number of British seaside towns, including Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Southend. The single is taken from the forthcoming album, Light In Your Mind due Friday 25th August 2017 on Tough Love Records

Jack Cleverly, one half of Cymbals, says of the song: “At the time I wrote this, everything was changing in my life, and I was changing inside, and I started to look at the slow process of decay that is part of life. I was reading ‘The Enigma of Arrival’ by VS Naipaul, which talks about the decay of an English estate, on which the writer lives. The estate used to have 16 gardeners, now it has one, part-time. Naipaul describes the growth of ivy on the estate, that the reclusive landlord (the last member of his family), encourages, even though it pulls down walls and old trees, changing the landscape of the estate gradually, and letting it drift into a picturesque form of ruin. At one point he compares the landscape to his hometown in Trinidad, to the makeshift corrugated roofs there, and draws a parallel with the way he too sees beauty in a landscape that is slowly falling apart.”

Light In Your Mind tracklisting:
1. Decay
2. Car Crash
3. Talk To Me
4. I Thought I Knew You
5. My Body (Winter Mix)
6. Where Nothing Can Be Defined
7. Splitting
8. Euphoric Recall
10. Fully Automated Luxury
11. Lifetime Achievement Award

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