With an overwhelming level of cool oozing from every guitar note, Seasick Steve is back with his much anticipated new album ‘A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down on Your Knees’. An album which is even more reason to check him out live, as I did recently, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Back to the album though, and upbeat social media track ‘Internet Cowboys’ spins a tale around those tempted into being a mean online persona (“I wanna tell ya one thing now, so listen up my children. The world ain’t what it used to be”) he warns.

‘A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down on Your Knees’ is a keeper. It is an album that has more than one message towards the social direction of music – showing another way music continues to affect the social and political landscape.

Amongst the many themes the best one to highlight is the life of self-worth and recovery with tracks like  “A Trip A Stumble”. The energy and flow are magnetic, I am stuck to it. Gloom and doom at first but picking up after a wait, speaking of religious joy with Steve urging everyone to “try and see”.

The album has so much peace and love at the forefront of it all – like an album for lonely hearts to just feel something, and tied in together by a man with a wretched guitar and one of the longest beards in music.

Seasick Steve is quite simply a musical genius, and with this new album looks set to affirm his place in more music lovers hearts around the globe.

Seasick Steve: A Trip, A Stumble, A Fall Down On Your Knees – Out Now (So Recordings)