As summer finally emerges, here is Silent Radio’s guide to the week’s aural sunshine.

Sumac                 The Healer       

Over the course of 4 tracks in 76 minutes, SUMAC presents a sequence of shifting movements which undergo a constant process of expansion, contraction, corruption and regrowth.

O            WeirdOs

Duo consisting of baritone sax and drums with 10 tracks of high-octane instrumentals recorded live to tape, the duo encompass everything from cathartic dancefloor drops, to junglist breakbeats, intricate jazz lines, and sludgy, menacing doom metal.

Hi Fi Sean and David McAlmont           Daylight             

The exhilarating suite of twelve songs on Daylight celebrates, expresses and explores the colours of summer.

The Joy                 The Joy

Their harmonies hark back to yet another vocal tradition. Mbube means ‘lion’, which gives some indication of the elemental power its practitioners summon when bursting into song.

Wytch Pycknyck           Wytch Pycknyck          

A juggernaut journey of Motorhead meets Butthole Surfers meets Sonic Youth pop-noise, all delivered with an AC/DC stomp.

Until The Ribbon Breaks           Visitor

Complex, haunting, and compelling electronic-pop songs.

Max Blansjaar                 False Comforts            

Artist born in Amsterdam, raised in Oxford and recorded this début album, ‘False Comforts’ in Brooklyn. He first appeared on the Oxford scene in 2018, aged 15, promoting shows in all-ages venues and performing his playfully sincere lo-fi indie pop songs.

Dumbo Tracks                 Move With Intention  

A varied collection of nine zoned-out grooves direct from Dumbo Studio in Cologne, with vocal contributions from Portable, Ada, Marker Starling, Rubee Fegan and nothhingspecial.

Mouses              bwywtb             

A lo-fi garage queer-punk duo bring their sunshine-filled, psychedelic fuzz to the world.

Kvaen                  The Formless Fires     

Swedish band heavily influenced by traditional speed metal, folk music, death metal, and relentless black metal

Aseethe              The Cost           

A singular blend of seismic weight, mesmeric drone, and gripping tension is the Midwestern band’s musical signature.

Rich Ruth          Water Still Flows          

A stunning opus of Spiritual Jazz, Psych Rock, Kosmiche, Doom and Stoner Metal

Qoa       Sauco 

Argentinian ambient artist

Wild Spelks     A House Full Of Strangers EP

Debut EP. Echoing Nimrod-era Green Day at their finest, a touch of Manic Street Preachers searing ‘90s Britpop threaded with glockenspiel and Hammond organs, and some wistful heartlands rock energy to boot.

Tether  Mirror Work    

Post-hardcore band that set out to deliver messages of optimism, self-conviction, and a sense of the infinite possibilities for what can be.

Clone  Dividing Line  

Post-punk band whose lyrics involve the struggles and critiques of the working person’s daily life..

Daniel Davies Ghost of the Heart      

Solo album from lauded composer of atmospheric, synth-heavy instrumental music—for film and TV scores, alongside John Carpenter on the director’s ‘Lost Themes’ albums, and on solo releases like ‘Signals’ and ‘Spies’ who merges this with his earlier incarnation as a rocker.

Rui Gabriel       Compassion  

Ten tracks that combine ethereal pop with slacker-rock and piano-driven dance music,

Gracie Abrams               The Secret of Us           

Songwriter who has earned the admiration of such like-minded artists as Taylor Swift, Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Olivia Rodrigo while naming Joni Mitchell as her formative influence.

Moon Diagrams             Cemetery Classics    

The solo project of Deerhunter co-founder and drummer Moses Archuleta.

Portrait               The Host           

Swedish heavy metal band offer an occult tale of sword and sorcery.

Hungrytown    Circus For Sale

Indie folk/chamber pop duo

Peter Murphy  Peter Live – Vol One – Covers 

Former Bauhaus frontman with covers of tracks by Pere Ubu, Magazine, Bowie, Elvis and Prince.

Peter Murphy  Peter Live – Vol Two – The Blender Theatre NYC 2008               

Live album.

Lankum              Live in Dublin 

Recorded across three sold out nights at Dublin’s Vicar Street, the album features Lankum performing songs from across their catalogue including ‘The Rocky Road to Dublin’, which up until now has never been officially released

Sufjan Stevens               Seven Swans 

20th anniversary expanded reissue.

The Mad Walls                Have You Heard The News?   

An album informed by, but no way in hock to, early MC5, Skip Spence, Sonic Youth, Syd Barrett and Jefferson Airplane.

History of Guns             Half Light         

Eighth album from UK electro-goth post-punk band.

Marcella Detroit            Jewel   

30th anniversary reissue of Shakespears Sister solo album including a duet with Elton John

Mieu     Her Light EP    

A collection of demos written with longtime bandmate and producer Chris quickly turned into ‘Her Light’: five introspective love songs that combine shimmering guitars and syncopated rhythms with a blasé elegance reminiscent of Hope Sandoval and Anna Karina.