Red Ribbon Credit – Kelsey Hart

LA-via-Seattle’s Red Ribbon, the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emma Danner, shares ‘Planet X’, the title track from her new album out via Danger Collective Records.

The song finds Danner reflecting on an experience driving through a California wildfire, and ultimately showcases the album’s central theme – the urgency to find meaning in life before it’s too late.

Danner says:

“On tour in November 2018 (with a band called The Berries that I was playing keys for at the time), we could barely breathe during our stop in California, where the town of Paradise completely burned down due to forest fires. I had never seen anything like this. The air was black and I had my first encounter with N-95 masks – we had to find some to wear even in the van. In Santa Cruz I had to wear the mask during our set. It was so bad. That’s where the line ‘we won’t die in paradise’ comes from.”

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