Fresh off the back of a UK and European tour with Aldous Harding, Katie Von Schleicher has shared her new single, ‘Life’s A Lie’, taken from her upcoming debut album Shitty Hits (out on Friday 28th July 2017 via Full Time Hobby Records in the UK/Europe and Ba Da Bing in the US). See full tracklisting below.

Katie said the following about the song and video: “‘Life’s a Lie’ is about imposter syndrome. I felt really good writing the music, it’s a bit inspired by Todd Rundgren or Emitt Rhodes’ cheerful pop tunes. On the surface, it’s just that. The narrative is from that unrestrained inner voice, the self-critic, which has the power to isolate you from the good stuff. In practice, this all happens on a subconscious level, that’s why I thought it apt to be paired with the most joyful sounding track on the record.

Matt Strickland (with whom I’ve done all my videos) is a comedian as well as a film-maker, and together we appreciate humour and depression. In keeping with the song, everything on the surface is just fine, nothing is amiss, unless you’re watching the lyrics float by.

Shitty Hits tracklisting:
01. The Image
02. Midsummer
03. Paranoia
04. Soon
05. Nothing
06. Mary
07. Life’s A Lie
08. Isolator
09. Hold
10. Going Down
11. Sell It Back

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